why sales are so slow from last 2 months

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any body can help me about the worst sales, i am worried about the future of themeforest business. i am confused, should i continue work on this market or start a burger and cafee shop. really i am very disappoint now. please let me know the facts.

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The tech industry has fallen bad overall for no good reason at all… and Envato is not focusing on the marketplace but on Elements, all they care about is Elements, soon there will be no Envato marketplace but only Elements if this continues like this…

Top authors already left and it seams that this trend is continuing.

I believe these are the main reasons tor this, there are other factors as well…


Who left?

There are a lot of power elite authors that left exclusivity and created their own platform to sell and a few left completely, I know once I checked for curiosity a while back and found a few power elite authors with no products in their portfolio…

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This was the top author, who left themeforest after generating the milliions dollors.

I still hope Envato will wake up and start working with authors in mind again otherwise this place will be dead soon!

Looks like they don’t sell it anywhere. They may have some other issues ( between the team/developers/designers )

Yes you are right, may be other reason, but alot of authors who have left, even my ex-company where i was doing job in 2013, they left the business, they were earning 18 to 20k dollors in a month, but now a days only 4 to 5 hunderds. so this is very wrost situation. i have not another business or skills except the developing theme. :frowning:

guys i found an serious issue, mostly buyer email me directly for the support, when i asked him the purchased invoice before support, they gives me different sites invoices who are selling our premium products in $2 to $5. i am worried about it that how we autors control this scams.
if you guys have solution please guide me, so that nobody can sell my premium product in cheap price. Thank you.

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It is an absolute mess how things are now but the demand is still there, I am hoping this period will pass…

Hi guys. Reading several threads about how the market is currently, I can tell you that I agree, but has anyone spoken to Envato or sent an email to them with links to these threads so they can see what we wrote?


Look at the flyer marketplace.
They approve a lot of average of the same flyers and they reject great flyers to sent buyers to elements.
It’s all about quantity and not quality thats why buyers left.
It’s a better profit for Envato.
What FWDesign says is that a lot of very great authors left the platform.
Envato studios quit for about 1,5 years now i guess.

The same with another platform that selts the minimumprice for a commercial flyer at €14.
This platform is dying too and it was a good marketplace after Envato.

I said it for the last 3 years, Envato is digging their own grave.

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You must diversify your skills, WordPress is not enough…

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Sadly, February is worst month ever with such low amount of sales that’s simply unbelievable. Elements not good too. While market sales almost 5 times lower than usual, Elements declined too. Average daily earnings on Elements for me declined up to 30%.


Here is the comment from the Envato:

Creative stock earnings (photos, video, audio, graphics) are now more likely to originate from Elements than Market, and most of our product marketing this year is focused on increasing subscribers there.