Why my product got hard rejected?

I worked on this item for 3 months and make sure each and everything is perfect. It was a unique concept.

First I made a licensing system where a user needs to register on my website and get a license key with their purchase code to activate the script and didn’t provide documentation, I added them on my website so only those who purchased the product can see the documentation. I submitted and got hard rejected within 4 hours.
I was wondering why my item got rejected. Then I thought it might be because of that licensing system and the documentation. And maybe I need to improve my design more. I worked again for 12 days and changed that licensing system and provided proper documentation and video tutorials. I changed the landing page with a completely new and improved design and added more public pages. I fixed each and every minor issue and created a more user-friendly design. Then I submitted again and after 29 hours they rejected my item again.

Can anyone please tell me what was the problem with my item? What I need to do to get my product approved.

Frontend :

URL: https://maleka-demo.rsapplication.com

username: user

password: 123456

Stripe Test: 4242424242424242, 04/25, 123

Admin Panel :

URL: https://maleka-admin.rsapplication.com

username: admin

password: 123456

It was my first item and I’m too much depressed now. I saw a lot of items with poor features and ugly design getting approved and sold on Envato.