Hard rejected please an Author help us

We are a team of 4 devs, our product is online for 3 years. We decided to make a version of it to sell on CodeCanyon. We submitted the first time 10 days ago, the submission got hard rejected with unfortunately, we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.. We are not sure why because this was our first submission on Envato.
The web application was made with CodeIgniter, PHP framework.

Here all our links :

Product front for Envato : https://soukly.dev/
The publish on Codecanyon : https://visual.soukly.dev/

Demo URL : https://demo.soukly.dev/start

Admin Panel

login : demo@admin.com
password : 123456

User Panel

login : demo@user.com
password : 123456

End-User Customer

login : demo@customer.com
password : 123456

Please help, we really want sell our e-commerce SaaS on Envato.



I’m sorry you didn’t succeed. But let’s try to find the reasons.

  1. SaaS it’s good. But which category of items should look amazing. Your design looks dated and formal. Design configuration blocks are monotonous. This is not what the user wants.
    I mean, after purchasing the script, I will need to redesign design, make changes, etc. This should work right away.
  2. Sometimes I get 500 errors - your script is not ready and contains errors https://prnt.sc/vkwxzh
  3. The functionality is not enough. There are similar open source projects with great functionality.

And now the formula for success:

Design -> functionality -> and only then quality of the code.

Thank you very much for your review !
I don’t know now if we really want to spend another month to rebuild all the design without any guarantee of being accepted… For functionality of course that is not enough but it is principle of a V0, we have obviously not developed all the functionalities of a Shopify or Open-source CMS (it’s the plugins developed in addition that make them complete, and you cannot run a SaaS e-commerce Business for vendors with an Open-source solution right now) and starting to sell on Envato will help us to develop further.