Why my first design rejected by the envato?

hi first off all the question that comes into my mind is : what is this template ? a web ad? a banner? a squared (web) flyer ? afterwards, if the item is kind of tastefully done, to be honest this is also rather simple and would not take much time , incredible efforts or special designing talent to have the template redone. This basically gamely decreases the commercial potential that the item may have indeed. The fact of the matter is that there is not crazy graphic design into it , so to speak and maybe considering pushing the envelope graphic design wise would be welcome, in particular when it comes to the background, which tends to make the thing look a bit flat if u ask me … the different elements look a little bit massive according to me, slightly decreasing the size of all would help u gain finesse, in my opinion. Icons are definitely basic and lines of dots apart from know knowing what they are standing for, turn out not to match super well with the rest that looks rather “squared” in the end. the all to action button is not catching much the attention , according to me and should be drawing the attention more by having a more attractive and punchy color and the text inside should not be so very big comparatively so that this is breathing inside, while, right now, this is the other way around, this is choking …

thanks a lot. I want to find out my fault. you can suggest me more.

lol u think that this is not detailed enough yet? lol