why my earnings is less than half of my sales income?


what is happing? someone bought my item for 5 dollars, but i only got $0.69 in my earning. i am a exclusive author. i just found out envato sold my item for 2 dollars but they price it for 5 dollars. no idea what happen? https://3docean.net/item/toy-car/10945823


Check out this article on Author Driven pricing…

And this one on withholding tax…

Long story short… 3DOcean files now have a fixed buyers fee and you can set the item price. The fixed buyers fee might be more than it was previously using the straight 20% calculation, which would result in you getting less than you used to. Head to the ‘edit’ page of one of your items to see what it is and/or change the price.

And… it sounds like you may be having tax withheld, so you you’ll need to submit a W8 form in your settings page, which might reduce or eliminate that. Your statement page will show how munch tax is being withheld on your sales, if any.