Why my Business Card Template is rejected?

Can anyone give me feedback on this? This Template is rejected. They aren’t explaining anything why it’s so. I can’t see any mistake here. Can anybody help me? Thanks.

hi I really like this card , I think that u could do something really harmonious and tasteful out of your initial idea. Though, I see a variety of problems here all the same. The first one is as regard to who this card is addressing … the fact of the matter is that the marketplace has changed gamely over the years and nowadays , indeed, u need to hit niches so that the item is working, this is better than brining something sort of generic to the table. The issue here being that the card is rather generic and this is hard to identify who is the target, who is the supposed purchasing base indeed. Then the second major problem is the typo, this is clean but flat to be honest and nothing is really outstanding if u ask me … what u have is rather a custom design rather than a template when here this is templates that are being sold and that people are supposed to look forward buying indeed. u have to keeping mind that typo is much of an issue here , probably the number one thing being considered. The size of fonts looks a bit too small to say the least. there is a lack of relief if ask me and variations, font combinations and possible touches of originality would be welcome . the text orientation means trouble also , this is an obstacle to readability , actually. finally u do not have any environment and space dedicated to place a logo or something lookalike and in terms of branding this is not really making sense as any buyer will be expecting to value their corporate identity , so that the fact this is lacking here maybe a issue when it comes to commercial potential

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Thanks for this amazing feedback. I think I’ve many things to learn. I’m a newbie & this is my 3rd project submitted on Envato. Thanks for this Feedback. I’ll do my best to improve. :heart:

Regardless, I see a variety of issues here. The first is in regards to who this card is intended for… The truth is that the marketplace has evolved significantly over time, and nowadays, you must target niches in order for your product to be successful; this is preferable to bringing something general to the table.