Why my business card hard rejected . . Can someone help me

hi this is clearly inventive indeed, though, honestly there are some things that do not really make sense in a way ,… the footer buttons are kind of strange, even if i understand the kind of “web oriented concept” that u have … keep in mind that it remains a print design all the same …

colors are also not really complementary and combinations could be much harmonious if u did

your icons are plain , this is a style, but they may reproach u just this , too …

the typo is a little bit lacking originality , too

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your notes very usefull for me . . thank you n2n44 :slight_smile:

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Sir, please help me

what is this ?!! Novocaina

? what is this supposed to mean Paul?

i tried to buddy, thanks :slight_smile:

blah blah blah


if u do not like what i am saying, u can skip reading …

don’t get mad - I’m just joking.

Why so serious :slight_smile:

don’t mock people who helps others

i was not Paul, u misenterpreted, i ws not sure also what u meant by this … in any case this is fine lol no one manages to make me shout my mouth lol

my friend, do not worry , there is no problem. u’ve got to know Paul and u’ll know he was not agressive indeed lol Paul is Paul lol

ah alright :smiley:

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