My flyer design got rejected, please help

I am very new to GraphicRiver, recently I have uploaded a print template of corporate flyer. But it has been rejected. Below is the link of the files that I uploaded. Please help I am very disappointed.


max 1 hour work for someone who knows ms word

is this enough? :slight_smile: I am serious

Thank you

weell if so many should never make it and however they do …

hi , indeed, the thing is rather tasteful and despite i think that @novocaina has been slightly exagerating, i tend to believe that it would be a good idea for you to push the envelope a bit when it comes to the graphic part. What u have done is clean and tasteful in a general way, though this is still a bit plain and maybe failing somehow to bring enough creativity to the table so that your item is outstanding …

i end to believe that you could have a better color combination again. This yellow-orange is far away from being the “most corporate” color indeed

your fake logo is a bit flat and that does not manage to make the flyer look better, u should try to take some time to create a decent and efficient one so that your preview looks better with than without

u have some small spacing here and there according to what i can see here

and let’s face it , putting to image but a “put your image here” in the preview is definitely not a good idea

for me it , but maybe some people could feel a different way, i do not know, this makes very little sense to have the main title using no caps when the subtitles are using some, i think that it some way ruins a bit the hierarchy that u tried to build otherwise

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Thank you so much

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Why my flyer is rejected? please select the faults in my design.

hi buddy,

1- color combinations
well indeed, u really need to learn about complementary colors … the thing u made is lacking of harmony and contrast because of the colors u chose …

2- changing colors of icons
colors for the icons can already been questioned but indeed, when u turn out to alternate colors like this , the eye get lots and the there is no harmony nor sense … normally u should opt for a color per category … besides this is hard to understand why icons and titles in each paragraph and description are not the same …

3- hierarchy and titles must be improved
the main title is too flat and are not outstanding enough

4- texts lacking of contrast
background and text colors are too close on the green part and thus they are hardly readable …

5- the typo to be reworked
typo is too flat and needs to be reworked , u need to introduce originality and font combinations into what u have done

6- pay attention about spacing
for the a-side, it looks like that the spacing between blocks is not made well enough