Why my account locked?

Hi folks,

Did you face with any issue like this?

My account locked and I submit request support to but every time they replied “As stated previously, you have not given us enough proof about your pricing, nor have you provided an explanation of all users you are associated with. Because of this, your account will remain locked and this matter is now considered closed.”

I only change our item price follow ADP Author Driven Pricing: ThemeForest, CodeCanyon and 3DOcean. and tell supporter about this. I ask them explain for me my case and ask them how to solve my case. But they repeat this answer.

Can anyone help me?

Sorry for my English not good.



I am not sure whats the exact issue but i think it may be due to a recent price change .
like lets say you changed 40$ product for about 140$ or less than 40$.

they are asking why you have changed the price. just try to explain on why you changed.

i think this might help!. if not i am not sure.

@KingDog Any idea on this ?

Sounds like they’re accusing you of having colluded with associates to do something fishy about pricing. They probably detailed their concerns in their first mail.

If it is true, then there is nothing you can do, apart from apologizing and saying you won’t do it again.

If untrue, then you need to provide proof to clear these assumptions.

For what it’s worth they rarely do this without pretty concrete evidence that something at least looks like it was not appropriate.

what did the first mail they sent say to explain it?

It sounds like they have asked for clear cut proof on a couple of things so if it’s not wrong why not simply provide this and get the account unlocked.

@varunsridharan, @PurpleFogSound @charlie4282: thanks

@PurpleFogSound: i set my item price $25 and change price up to $9999 and after that change back to $25. I don’t having any colluded with associates to do something fishy about pricing.

@charlie4282: they alway reply only this answer “As was explained in a previous email by my collegue, your account will remained locked until you provide a full explanation of all users you are associated with and why you choose a certain price.”

I don’t know and I ask them for more details but they don’t explain for me.

@KingDog, @matthewcoxy: please help me this case.


Hello. You will need to go through your Help ticket. They are the ones who you’ll want to explain things to. We’re not able to provide account support via the forums.