Why music collections perform so bad in Google Ranking?

Hey SEO experts,

maybe some of you had that same idea: Why not create some collections, write a nice introduction and also descriptions for all the songs and hope that you may appear in the Google search with your topic. But unluckily it seams Google doesn’t like AudioJungle collections :slight_smile:

My latest experience is a good benchmark: Few weeks ago I created two AudioJungle collections and did not even rank in the top 100 in google. I also created a short Blog to the same topic. And with short I mean REALLY short … like 3-4 phrases and a Link/Button. :slight_smile: Guess what? That blog post ranked 20th within 1-2 weeks. At the same time, AudioJungle items and even search tag pages are ranking better than collections.

Is it just me?? Is there something Google doesn’t like about collections? :- :thinking: Is it because of the legacy music player? Are collections performing better on other markets e.g. VideoHive??


Yep. Collections could work like a charm but somehow they are not designed in the proper way. E.g. they do not have waveforms which is sooo inconvenient for clients. I’ve reported it during last UI redesign but nothing happen.

I even remember James saying on Warsaw Meetup last year that AJ composer should focus on collections. I’ve answered that yes, of course but collections do not work as they should so using them is simply inefficient for us and for clients.


@RedOctopus Yes, maybe the vintage music player is really the conversion killer. Especially on mobile phones it is super messy to use that tiny button, and as you said there is no wave form and no progress bar during playback. So a lot of users will not spend much time on collection pages and google recognizes that problem. This is such a pity … i mean there is a better player, it just needs to be implemented on collections. @jamesgiroux Maybe you have some insider information, if this is ever gonna happen? :slight_smile:


Or maybe there is someone from staff who conducts the UI/SEO things? It is quite important thing.


Looks like there are other priorities at the moment :blush:

Is there any news on that? Maybe @jamesgiroux has some infos?
Music collections are actually just useless at the moment. :thinking: