What would the 'dream' search engine look like on AudioJungle?

Hello all! I just saw this interesting feedback from an AudioJungle customer…

Thanks Scott. I have to find the music manually, spending hours, days, even WEEKS listening to different Tracks using the search function at AudioJungle. I wish that search function was more robust, (it is so limited) it would save me hundreds of hours of time each year.

I was just curious… To @ayeshafernando, other customers, and even AudioJungle authors: What would make search on AudioJungle even better? What’s missing? What could be improved? How can customers more quickly find what they are looking for?

Disclaimer: I’m not directly involved with search on AudioJungle btw nor am I saying that we can promise to integrate any suggestions here. I just thought it would be an interesting conversation and have all ideas in one place. I would be glad to share this thread with the team directly involved with search however if some interesting ideas are posted. :thumbsup:

Here are a few key points I would like to see:

• Omit track titles from default search. Have a separate field called “Know the title? Search here:” or something like that.

• Introduce more randomization when sorting by Best Match. There are only 10-20 useful and popular tags, so it’s of course completely impossible to find every track. Some degree of randomization is necessary in my opinion. Maybe shuffle 20-30% of the results.

• Introduce fields for main instruments that buyers can use. Limit to 2-3. Limited options that the author can use - 2-3 out of general options, like: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synth, horns, strings, orchestra, woodwinds, body percussion/hands/feet.

Just MAIN instruments. No shakers, tambourines etc.

• Search by song key. Very useful if one needs several songs in the same video.

• Search by preview number. I’ve seen this requested by buyers who have downloaded the preview file, but forgot the title/author. It works if you use Google (most of the time), but not on the site.


…and one more thing.

Remove comments and views (and any other “social” activity) from the trending criteria.

Anyone who has spent 10 minutes on the internet knows that this will be abused. And it is.

Let buyers decide what’s good or not, and minimize cheating by authors.


Great points by Flumen… but @scottwills what is the point of this thread? It’s pretty obvious Envato is not planning to act on it at all.

The title thing has been debated at length and it’s been a request for years! And yet nothing has been done on this issue… nothing! And here we are now, with a gazillion “inspirational motivation”, that make the marketplace look either buggy or like a clone swamp. It looks really bad and it should have been remedied a long time ago. And yet nothing has been done!


I am regularly speaking with video creators in the “real world”. A lot of them complain that they don’t use AJ. because they can’t find interesting tracks quickly. For example if they are looking in cinematic category for a positive orchestra track to documentary video - most of search results will be popular standard kitsch “inspiring orchestra”. If they are looking for the adventure track - still the most of tracks will be “inspiring orchestra”… If they are looking some cartoonish orchestra - still search results will show mostly “inspiring orchestra” tracks…

The same is in Corporate and Children category.

I think that there should be more subcategories in cinematic, children and corporate categories and they should be respected and controlled. Now they are flooded by the subcategories with high popularity and better visibility.

Also subcategories should be visible in the menu on the main page after pointing mouse. Now it displays only categories.

AJ has a lot of buyers, but we are loosing a lot of professional video creators who do not need typical kitsch motivation tracks.


Search should be done by selecting predefined tags.
Tags should be divided into three sections:
Mood, Genre, Instruments.
One more field for the Length of a track and two checkboxes for Instrumental and Vocals.
Authors will need to select those predefined tags that fit their music that they are uploading for each of these three sections.
But on some (very good) royalty free music marketplaces moderators or reviewers select all the tags and even write descriptions because author’s job is to create good music, not tags and descriptions.
Search by tags should be set as a default. Searching by typing something in the search field should be optional.
PS: If we could post here links to competitors sites I could show many examples of a good search engine…
PPS: Some competitors have fourth type of tags - Story/Project, which describes good examples of the music application/usage.


" A lot of them complain that they don’t use AJ. because they can’t find interesting tracks quickly". This seems to me the key thing. For many video creators the ideal AJ track for them is probably buried in there somewhere (at a very reasonable price :slight_smile: ) if only they could find find it! But there is such a mess of wannabe corporate best sellers etc. to wade through and the current search functionality just doesn’t deliver. In pure business terms I think investing in a complete revamp would pay off for Envato over the longer-term.


Hey @PurpleFogSound Definitely some truth in what you’re saying, I completely understand. That’s almost the entire point however: If the issues and concerns still exist from a customer perspective, it’s still worth having the conversation. The premise is to better understand what actual customers (like the one I quoted above) need and want and put all those ideas in one place with a view to sharing all that feedback with the people/team(s) that do have the ability to impact AudioJungle/search. Is there a guarantee that anything will be done? Unfortunately, no. But should we completely stop having that conversation? I don’t think that’s the answer either. Perhaps this quote my help explain:

“There is no failure except in no longer trying.”
― Elbert Hubbard

I would encourage all those that are interested in helping, to make a contribution, but I completely understand, for the reasons you explained, if anyone chooses to decline. Responding to this thread is not mandatory. I do know however that there are a lot of customers and authors that are obviously very passionate about making AudioJungle even better than it already is.


You’re right of course, I’m all for keeping the conversation open. I was just venting my frustration, as I’d really like to see some actions following that conversation. Sorry about that, don’t mind me.


@ArtMaks has the best ideas, and I agree with all of them except that moderators should write descriptions and tags, Envato is huge and that is not possible here,it would make review lenght extremely long + I like to have control over info on my items.

I’ve seen search engines like this on other marketplaces, and it works perfect. It can finally solve the title abuse issue, which has really gone too far, to the point that audiojungle looks cheap and unprofessional when you search for music and see thousands of tracks named by tags. We are loosing a lot of high end customers so I hope after years of authors pointing out this problem, someone from SE team would consider implementing this.
Thank you for starting this useful topic!


I support every @Flumen suggestion . Less weight on the title, make tags useful again! :mage: I feel that, when a search engine has more variables to offer, it gives the impression that you have more freedom and helps to narrow the results. Resulting in faster findings. :man_shrugging: Motivational findings :joy:

Now I’ll offer something nobody even thought! What if you make a “handle” which will determine how much the track is aggressive or soft, melodious or monotonous. bright or deep. and so on. The author of the publishing track will put these values in the “search engine” so will these “handles” . the buyer puts their values and he will appear to those tracks which are closer to the specified value
I hope my English is understandable to you.


If you pass this idea to the “development Department” will be very good. Perhaps it will inspire people to new ideas.


"Radio Audiojungle"

The idea arose! Imagine: the Client is accepted for rabotu on a new project. starts breaking down the footage to create a new video project. At this point he can configure the search system “Aj” for specific needs for example: Choose the style of music, tempo, to enter tags, etc.
then he presses the button “play radio” and goes to your editor to work on video material in this time radio “Aj” starts to play music according to the configured parameters (in random order) .
Now he’s working and suddenly starts playing the track which is “perfect” podhodit to his videos. It goes to the page with the music and loads the Preview and starts to work with this particular track.

What to do with the “music pack”?
Under download author makes marks where to start about the end of the track for what would “the system” understood this.
Radio Aj

The introduction of the “plug” in the popular audio player “Winamp” “AIMP” or make a separate program which will be as a small player on the desktop on top of all Windows. The extension “browser” and the client will be able to manage a “playlist” without having to go to the website. To make a “log” which will show the last 5 to 10 previous tracks.

I hope you found it interesting. Thank you.


Dude! You are just a generator of ideas, in my opinion these are great ideas that will help the buyer find what is needed in the shortest possible time!

When I searching for Christmas banner at Graphicriver I had same feel. I want banner, but I get more than 50% of other stuff (posters, flyers, ect). (I spend 1-2 hour to find cool banner).
P.s. I don’t know what is better for clients at AudioJungle, but if you search “sport” and choose “newest items” and get ambient track it’s really not cool (I get such result a few days ago). I can imagine rock or epic music at sport video, but ambient…:slight_smile:

It’s because of “tags”. sellers can easily write in a “cinematic” tags: Hip-hop, future bass, etc. but in the music itself does not even hint at it… I personally saw.

I suggest to make exclusive names of items, and search by name…

What name would you search for though, if you don’t know the name of the track you’re looking for?