Simple improvement on the main page requested.

Hello. I want to show you small but really useful tweak which can allow buyers to find their perfect item much quicker. Let me know if you like it, so I could try to start a discussion with Envato about this improvement. And I wish to invite here @scottwills, who has started the discussion about improving the search process.

I realize that this this tweak could be VERY useful for AudioJungle buyers.and it can save their time. I am not sure if it’s so important for other markets, but I suppose that in many cases it can be helpful or at least neutral. Let me explain.


  1. One of the common problems of buyers is the lack of knowledge of the industry “naming” and “tagging” convention. Especially if they aren’t native English-speakers and if they are rookies. For example typical buyer might have a problem with the difference between “epic” and “action”. Or with genre, for example a dubstep track with strings can be named “orchestral dubstep”. This means that they might have problems with aiming proper category and sub-category.

  2. Current model of categories allows similar tracks to be uploaded into various categories. For example “orchestral dubstep” can be uploaded to “cinematic” or “electronica” category. Even more - there are some “orchestral dubstep” tracks in 14 other categories as well.

I suppose there is a similar problem in other markets like VideoHive and “openers” which aren’t always in the “opener” category, but also in “logo” etc. Correct me if I’m wrong.


  1. There should be more advanced filter which can allow buyer to filter single categories or/and subcategories from search results. Typical Windows check boxes would be enough. Check in or check out action should refresh the results. It looks like relatively easy programming and there is a needed space in the layout.

  2. List of categories should be divided into categories in simple “drop-down” list.

Let me show you my MS Paint amazing design:

Why it will be useful?

An example:

Buyer is looking for a soundscape to his Horror-RPG game. He types into search engine only “game music” because he doesn’t know the “topography” of AudioJungle and he is not into the musical naming convention. He gets the result:

So with this improvement he can try to reduce search results using the list on the left. For example he realizes that he doesn’t need results from the “corporate”, “rock”, “electronica” category, “dramatic, action, adventure”, “comedy” and “romantic sentimental” subcategories from “cinematic” category, “children” category, some of “hip hop” sub categories, “house”, etc. etc. etc. So he stays with a part of “Cinematic”, “Ambient” and few others categories like “Experimental abstract” or “Vocals, voice”. Very practical and so inspiring!

Let me know what you think about this. Especially if you are an AudioJungler but authors from the other markets and members from the Envato staff are welcome as well.


I think it’s a good idea :+1:

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I agree. This would be a good add :+1:

Kudos on the initiative!

It’s a cool idea @RedOctopus yet you can achieve this with the current configuration. For example I need a ‘nightlife’ track and I want a jazz track: I go into jazz category and ‘search within these results’ the keyword I’m looking for. If i’ve understood correctly, your idea would just skip a click or two. On the other hand, I agree that the search engine could use some tweaks to enhance the buyer experience, because of all the tag-named tracks.

Thanks for the answer, I appreciate it! But I can’t agree. You are writing about different search procedure, different needs and different results. Of course keyword search “within search results” is another filter which buyer can apply, but it works slighlty different. Let me explain the difference.

You showed the example when buyer knows what and where is he looking for and when he doesn’t need to exclude categories and subcategories, because everything he wants is in the jazz category. BTW jazz tracks usually land in jazz category. But for example cinematic tracks are spread all over the market.

And there is another problem. Not every “nightlife” track has a “nightlife” in the title, description or tags. Many items are inaccurately described. This means that when you use specific keywords in search engine, you are loosing many of great tracks which do not have this keyword, because some authors simply didn’t wrote this specific keyword.

And another thing. Stock search results can be very inspiring. Video makers love to connect unusual music with their videos. So not always “nightlife” jazz is better than “nightlife” track from different genre, especially in commercials. So in my opinion it’s better to search on whole market with some excluded categories using “nightlife” keyword instead of searching only in jazz category. It can be very inspiring.

Let me show you another example. Buyer is looking for some calm “sci-fi” track. He is searching for it using main search engine. He gets those results:✓

Instantly he wants to exclude categories like: Corporate, Drum and bass, rock, hip hop, classical, percussion, pop, holiday, funk, children, world beat, folk, soul, country

Also he wants to exclude the unneeded subcategories from:

  • “Cinematic”, so he check-out “Dramatic Action Adventure” and “Comedy”
  • “Electronica”, so he lefts active only “downtempo” subcategory.

This way he creates basic data base in which he can search for various keywords. In your scenario he needs to go to every single category or/and subcategory and search there. It’s not “only few clicks more” - it’s whole search process repeated in each category/subcategory.

Another example
Using those “drop-down list with boxes” would allow buyers to search simultaneously for sound logos and for short music tracks (or short variations). E.g. perfect for buyers seeking for an “opener” track.

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I get your point @RedOctopus, it should be a matter of check/uncheck multiple boxes with instant refresh which should be an improvement on search results. Good luck with pitching this idea!

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@Flumen @SpaceStockFootage @AurusAudio

What do you guys think about this simple improvement? I’ve summoned you because your opinions on the forum are always very accurate and thoughtful. I understand that you may doubt if there is a possibility to force changes. But without a discussion nothing will happen for sure.

Exactly, good way! Thanks Envato. We’re waiting for the same improvement in categories.