Sort (link to a) collection by "item release" or by "sales"?

What do you think?
When you have a lot of items the new once seem to disappear to the bottom when you sort by sales. What is the best in the long run you think?!?


I’ve struggled with that question as well @AVOCADO_SOUND, I currently sort by sales. Not sure if it’s the best approach or not. My reasoning has been… the new tracks get their “shining moment” on the front page (for 30 minutes) and in the search window for up to a day or two. The tracks that sell over time says something positive and I tend to want to show that in the collections. I think if I was fortunate enough to get a better “shining moment” like a featured track, I might change my approach and sort by newness of the tracks. Here’s to each of us getting awarded with a featured track :medal: :slight_smile: