Audiojungle search result UI/interface update is an abomination

I don’t know who decided it would be a good idea to get rid of the audio waveforms in the search result UI but you have just made the job of finding appropriate music and sound files infinitely harder. As someone who looks at waveforms constantly, I can make judgements about the piece and whether it is appropriate for what I’m searching for just by looking at it. The ability to scrub the waveform and get a quick impression of the audio file without having to navigate away from the results is a huge time saver as well.

Your new UI forces me to judge simply based on broad categorical information, wildly inconsistent tagging and generic track titles. I now either have to play every single search return or have to open dozens and dozens of tabs just to see the waveform.

Time is everything on a film/video project. We rely on developing efficient workflows to produce and this new UI is a clumsy, purely aesthetic redesign that doesn’t factor in the needs of the professionals relying on it.

If you care about the professionals who support your site and the artists who rely on you to provide an effective marketplace I strongly urge you to provide the option of a view with waveforms.

Hey @Borracho,

Don’t worry, nobody removed waveforms. It seems that there’s a temporary problem causing them to not load properly. We’ll need to wait until it’s fixed. :slight_smile:


Whew! :pray:

Whew is right…the waveforms is how I do quick searching!!! I am dead in the water right now. Any ETA on this fix?

I just gave the page a hard refresh and it seems to be working again. Give it a shot! :smiley:

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