Any Insights or Advice to improve search rank?

Can anyone help me understand why my previously trending track, despite selling 5 times yesterday, is ranking so low in the search results?

Yes I know new songs are given a bit of a push. But I noticed that esoundtrax’s track which was uploaded a day before mine (AND had fewer sales until now) was still ranking higher than me. Why is that? Keywords, author rank? Any insights, because (despite, for me at least, such awesome sales -67- on my track) I’m getting lost already!! No-one’s going to sift through all those “ingeniously named” tracks to find my little gem!! :wink:

PS. Just as an aside, if you re-order this Christmas search by “best selling” the first track is Corporate Summer. Ridiculous.

My first guess would be that E-Soundtrax’s track already has 3 ratings, which I reckon would have quite a big impact on the search. Maybe it experienced a sudden burst of views / sales recently (it’s trending right now which is an indicator). E-sountrax’s track also has several tags using the word “Christmas”, and yours only has 1.

I’ve also noticed though that the results appear to be either updated very regularly, or have a ‘random’ element that makes random changes so the results don’t always look the same.

Yes, the sort-by-sales function isn’t exactly operating as it should. Yoo-hoo, Envato! :wink:

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Thanks @AurusAudio! I never noticed the ratings before. So that’s the point of them! Thanks for taking the time to look into it for me. Much appreciated :smiley:

Hi Stardiva, Yes, I also noticed this. Your track in the first weeks had more sales than mine (10-12 overall sales lead over mine) and your ranking always was better that my track, but in this week my sales on this track increase around 20%, enough to reach your sales track, and for that reason my track is ranking better, it´s just for the behavior of this week, and not for the whole time.

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Hi @E_soundtrax. Yes and congrats on its success: it’s a great track! :smile: But it actually ranked higher even with fewer sales when my track was still also trending, that’s what I was confused by. But it must have been the ratings that caused it to break through! Anyway, the very best of luck with it!

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Thanks @stardiva, actually your christmas tracks is my favorite of the christmas season. :wink:


Aww shucks! :blush: Thanks @E_soundtrax!

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