Where did the melody?

Good afternoon! Tell me why this is happening.
We have posted a track, you approved it. He appeared in our portfolio.

But the list of all tracks, and new topics, it does not exist. Why is that?

Our new track is also invisible :frowning:
What’s going on?

Exactly! Envato! Understand please!

It’s probably an indexing issue. It happens from times to times. Dev team is currently actively doing tests on search. Maybe the tests have had impacts on indexing.

I’m having issue with one of my Christmas items, that disappeared from search altogether for a few hours yesterday, and takes much longer to update sales count than it usually does. My guess is that it’s all related.

Usually the issue resolves itself after some time. Of course, the sooner it is fixed, the less harmful it is for the author. Hopefully someone from staff will see this post and have a look into it.