Some problems



Hello everyone! Faced some problem: my new Christmas track is not displayed in the search engine AJ. What could it be? Who knows how to solve this problem? Thanks for any help.

P.S. what do you say about this track? Thank you.


Skynet is working on it.


Skynet ? This is a joke?)


When did you upload it today? The search engine is late with the update of the pages in about 3-5 hours. I do not know the exact time.


I think new items take time to cache and make it in the list, I had a similar issue with videohive item but it displayed after few hours.

P.S- I liked your track, wish you great sells.


Thank you for information.


Thank you for info. And thanks for the nice words. Great sells you too.


How can this be ??

Two absolutely identical tracks - taken in one day …


Today this also happened to me… :crazy_face: . then I reloaded the page and all was normal… :innocent:
I think this must be a bug from the website… or some saved data in memory that suddenly appears :ghost:… don’t know…
there’s no two identical items… just one
Good luck and Merry Christmas!



WoooY :upside_down_face: It’s Big Luck :snowman_with_snow: Let’s hope the system will fix everything :paw_prints: