Why is my Social Media cover package item got rejected


I just want get some thoughts as to why my entry “9 Major Social Media Covers” got rejected?

I get the standard rejection message saying the item was not of the quality standard hence the rejection. But every layer was created in Shape which means it will stay on a HQ state even how huge your resize the file.

Is it because I’ve created the design based on the roll-up banner that was successfully approved?

Short note:

  • The design of the item is identical to my roll-up banner because I thought people who will buy the roll-up banner would be happy to have the same look posted on their social media accounts.
  • I’ve created the social media covers in Photoshop the same way how I’ve created my other social media covers which was approved.

Any thoughts would greatly be appreciated.

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On the twitter one there’s some text covered up by the avatar. Plus the Your Name text is in conflict on the google+ one. Don’t know if that’s why it was rejected but it’s something to fix.

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Oh right!

Thank you so much for your thoughts. I think it might be the case, how could I missed that.

Do you think I can do that and resubmit with different title? :slight_smile: