My social media cover pack was reject : it isn't at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won't be able to re-submit this item again.

I don’t know why my social media cover pack was rejected ! Please help

  • It’s impossible to tell for sure from that image because of the size and quality but it looks as if the design basics like typography, hierarchy and spacing all need a lot of work.

  • assuming you included them all in he various different sizes?

  • it’s odd that several would have feature areas cropped if used on certain networks esp. Twitter and Facebook

You mean spacing between the text or the pictures ? And about the sizes they are all
Resolution 828x465 px
72 dpi
RGB color mode !
This is a jpg sample what can you tell me about it ?

I mean the general execution doesn’t look great - font choices, hierarchy etc.

That aside you have zero chance of approval in this category if the designs are not organised and optimised for each network.

  • You can’t have a single size design for multiple networks which each have different cover image dimensions

  • you have to cater for how/where profile images and other features will display on different networks as this will (in at least some of your designs) block out part of the design itself

I understand thank you so much