Why my Social Media Icon Pack Rejected?



Hi everyone. Just few days before i got a hard rejection. I uploaded 45 social media icon pack in 11 different styles. But unfortunately, got rejected. I want to upload a social media icon pack. Please help me how can to do it.


if you share a link/image/demo of what got rejected then people will be able to advise what’s wrong


Hi Charlie,

These are the icons, i was talking about.


It’s hard to really tell form small images but with all due respect these appear to be way off the premium quality level.

  • There are several sets esp. the white on black, single logos, circle and square versions which owuld be easy to find as freebies elsewhere.

  • The sketched ones seem pixelated (granted they could be better as solo icons but does not look good in the preview).

  • Style 5 grey borders do not look great

  • Style 6 the icons are mis-aligned and look like cut outs.

If you are going with osmehting so simple then there is zero room for error plus these wouldbe better submitted in more individual sets


look here, page 2 - social media icons

Your pack includes only Social Media Icons trademarks.


I agree with @charlie4282. My friend @MONIART you have to work extremely hard to get approval for your item. Come up with unique and professional design.


Thank you everyone for your valuable advice. And @Sealord your given link is really helpful. Now, things are more clear.


Thanks Charlie. :slight_smile: