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I’m not sure what to say, but I have several album covers which were rejected by some “new authors”. I absolutely think their reviewing is a little off compared to the older reviewers on GR. I’ve been an author for 9 years and have two accounts out of which I’m an Elite Author in one of my accounts.

Here’s my portfolio -

Please help me understand the reasons for the rejections of my items.

There are some poorer quality items that have been accepted in the cover art category.

This is quite frustrating.

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I like your designs first of all

  1. try always to keep your text above 6pt
  2. always keep your layers for the customer organized in groups with name of every group layer
  3. as i can see in the second design you are added Dolby logo which is as i think not allowed but not sure
    Reason of rejection
    1- It can be because of your way of organizing layers
    2- it can be because of taking the text so close to the bleeds area
    3- using elements or pictures or textures with low quality and make it bigger in the design

once i used to finish any design from the main file to the thumbnail picture i give myself more day and open the file again and check everything before uploading spacing between texts, cutting, elements, fonts, checking eveing help file i might lost writting one font i’ve used for example and it works with me manytimes i don’t think i have more comments but try to read rules of printing file on envato website

If you just rip of the graphics this is the straight way to ban

You seem to have linked to their own website :wink:

well this is a good advice for sure, I did this mistake once as I had not paid attention but the thing is that the reviewer soft rejects and tells u if so … I think that this is the same for bleedings , besides, as for I know , in most cases, technical issues are not the reason for hard rejection

hi there were very relevant comment from @bunebx (in particular the copyright issue that is a real issue that he pointed out righfully so, as u are not supposed to use anything like this) , even if , as for I know they are rather leading to soft rejections rather than hard ones, I mean except if u do every time u post, of course lol. For the bleedings, well , this is also depending on whether u adapted the design to the mockup or not , in the first place. But if u failed to adapt properly, u have to fix it anyway. The comment may not be relevant if this is the fact that u placed in the mockup “the wrong way” that makes u end up with having text so very close from margins but in any event, u have to take this into account as this is impacting your preview file, which is not a good idea. For me, there are other possible reasons. The fact of the matter is that most of your work do not really show us that u pay attention about the z-shape reading process and the impact zones implied by this very fact indeed. In most cases your text is being put outside of the concerned zones but these texts are essential , whether this is the name of the album, the name of the artist or whatever else they all should be given the right exposure because this is also what people buying your template turn out to sell. With your design, of course, this is very important that u catch the attention and for the music to sell but for branding matters, the name of single or album and artist , for instance, must be given a really good place for them to get noticed, remembered and everything and not placed as sideway information or secondary level elements . as regard to the z-shape reading - which describes the way eyes sweep across any document, impact zones are top left corner, bottom right corner and the center of the canvas and u have nothing in these areas but your design. Otherwise the other issue that I see is that typo is very important here and much effort is being asked about it in a general way , but here, if this is clean this is also rather flat and definitely not super original to say the least. U could generate more relief out of playing more with colors, size, variations, font combinations and some potential touches or originality , as well …

Haha! That’s my own website. All those are my designs :slight_smile:

All my layers are extremely well organised, labeled and colored. Thanks for your suggestions though.

I’m a non-exclusive author for this account of mine so I can sell my designs on other websites as well.

There are some designs in the same category as mine with as little as two blocks of text. I’m irritated because all my other designs have a similar sort of text structure but it’s this one reviewer who is hard rejecting the designs. The more senior reviewers approve my work. Funny!

this is not the little text , this is about the size , positioning and exposure … now I see your frustration as the flyers look good apart from these text issues … as for reviewers I cannot know how u can identify who rejected , especially today … u have to identity something though … here this is a marketplace and sometimes u need to adapt work for this purpose , now this is up to u …

To be fair, they have over 200 items, many of which are album covers that are very similar to these in terms of artistic style, text size/placement, and presentation. So I can definitely understand their frustration.

It looks like the “Formation” one was accepted last week, so that’s good. You’ve also had a few more items accepted within the last few hours, so it’s not all bad. I can’t speak to the reason for the rejection, and it’s unfortunate that it has happened, but you seem to have the right idea and just keep making more.

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well I understand but maybe this is part of the matter off , also … once I had a badge rejected despite the design had nothing to do with those I used to create otherwise because placement / positioning were similar … at the time, I had opened a ticket because I really failed to understand and the concerned badge turned out to be a declinaison of a rather successful item that had been accepted a few months beforehand and I was told by the reviewer in chief at the time that the disposition of this badge was the same as the two previous ones I had created beforehand so that they had rejected it …