Why is I being rejected without a reason?

Why is I being rejected without a reason?
my demo link is


The most obvious - localization.
I tried to change language, but nothing happened - https://prnt.sc/qvpnyk
Is this an online store script? If so, make sure it offers premium features. There are free and open store scripts that offer great functionality. Much needs to be done to be different.

This store is independent of the English language
There are two stores each store on a private scale
If the buyer likes to direct and introduce buyers to his second store
This is the intention

sounds little hard

What advice would you give me?

At minimum, create simple localization and language switching system.
BUT If you continue to work on e-store, you have to create something unique.
Check woocommerce, prestashop, opencart. These are powerful, popular and free tools for create e-store. Can your item competition? I think this market is oversaturated if you are not doing something revolutionary.

thanks a lot