Please give me advice here

This is my website link

I receive a message that he is
Ecommerce Site "and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.
Where do I find the problem in design or quality?

To be honest, I see no problem here … but

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but? …

It depends on the requirements from the client. What is he looking for?

I have worked hard to sell this product and do not know what the problem is

Just a hard rejection


I do not see major changes since the last reject.
You cannot re-upload products that have been harded rejected without SERIOUS changes.

I offer this thing to the Arabs because I searched and found that they are searching for stores like this

Problem is not only localization, but in competitiveness of your product.

Please, follow page for get more info about product requirements:

  1. Too General: With an abundance of open source solutions available we strive for unique functionality or a unique twist on existing functionality.
  2. Lack of Market Prospects: Occasionally items are well written, but unfortunately lack sales prospects. Please consider whether purchasers will pay money for such a functionality.
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I will work harder to accept the product
I will change the language

Remember that you cannot resubmit item that was hard rejected without global and impressive changes.

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Thanks for the advice