Why Rejection without specifying any reason is being a common problem for all authors?

I have been working on a script of HRM for 6 months and when I uploaded it to codecanyon it got rejected. Again I tried for another small PHP script of Invoice for SaaS systems. but it again got hard rejection without mentioning any reasons for it.

If the code and design quality is the problem in my script, then I have done all the things as per mentioned and I can even show you the worst scripts available in the codecanyon market and still is live for sale.

Is there any specific things for a rejection or is just done randomly. Because I have seen many many codes in codecanyon and they are not matching even 50% of the codecanyon standards and are still verified and approved.

Please do help me with my rejections!!! My months of work is being useless for no reason.

Here is the Link of my last submitted script. Please do let me know the reasons which is rejecting my script.

Link: http://dir2.polestartechno.com/invoice_app
Credentials: demo@demo.com pwd: demo

Hello, did you get any results?

No! No results at all, I don’t know why is this happening to me, even Envato team is not responding to my question, and forum members are also not helping to solve it.

Ah you think that - “…and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”, but it actually is the reason if you read it well. It just means you need to learn more and make your items better.

Also, what’s on the market today could have been approved years ago, under different rules, so yes, they are in, and today you are out. Rules are tougher, so your work should be really, really good or better.


I’m sorry, I’m sure the members did their best. But the Envato team is not helping, I guess they want us to guess how we should solve the problem.


I also had this rejection and I looked at your application and I notice some things that you have to look at:

  1. when I display the source code of your pages, I see that you commented some codes like this (<li class="nav-header">MISCELLANEOUS</li>) or (<!-- <title>AdminLTE 3 | Dashboard</title> -->)

  2. you have to check also on the backend that there are no such problems

  3. you have to delete the files (scripts, css, and .c) that is not used for your application

  4. make sure you have the rights to use the dashboard templates <!-- AdminLTE App --> (because I see that in comment in your html code)

  5. make sure that all features are up to date in terms of security (xss, sql injection and others)

  6. if you used the jquery plugins, make sure you used the functions that are not obsolete.

  7. validate your html, javascript pages on the w3c site to be sure that it is OK.

  8. I suggest you if you want to download a plugin that already exists, it’s to buy it and see what they did in the front end as well as the backend

These are the points I can say, I did this but it was not validated.

You can contact me by email so we can help each other to validate his script, I think it will help a lot.

If a person has already validated his script on codecanyon wants to help me, I could reward him with a fee.

You can contact me by sending me a message through my profile: tbleens's profile on CodeCanyon

Exactly feeling the same! You are right.

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But After validating all this things, Am I able to submit it again? As the team mentioned you can not resubmit it!

They don’t want you to resubmit the rejected codes. Post again after making these changes, hopefully this time it will be approved.