PHP Script rejected without an explanation or legit reason


My PHP script got rejected without a proper explanation or legit reason. I’ve been working over 3 months on this script, it is a complex offerwall system and I don’t find anything similar on CodeCanyon.

Demo: Click Here
Username: Admin
Password: CryptoWall

May I know why my item got rejected? Thank you!

I finally got an answer, I quote:
"We only provide detailed feedback when an item has crossed a certain threshold in terms of quality.

Both the design and code of this item is below the required standard hence why no specific feedback has been provided.

Continually resubmitting hard rejected items will result in your upload rights being revoked."

That’s interesting, who gets to decide if a design or a code is good enough or not? If code is working, error free and clean coded, just because a specific reviewer doesn’t like it it means it does have to reject it or nobody else is going to like the product? About design, I see products with poor quality or really basic design available on CodeCanyon, even so, anyone who likes the script itself but doesn’t like the design, it can customise it or change it as desired.

Ok, I do understand when there are errors, when there is missing documentation, when there is lack of features and so on, but to reject an item because someone (a reviewer) doesn’t like the design or the code itself is completely unproffesional. Just because someone doesn’t like a code, doesn’t mean nobody will.

I did remembered why I did stopped working with CodeCanyon, good luck everybody and thank you!

Hi NGBSolutions,

I’m sorry to say, but you won’t get approved with basic design, the reviewers won’t even analyse other pages or the complexity of your project deeply if you don’t improve the front page firstly. There are a lot of free templates/themes with similar design of yours. You can go to Themeforest/Codecanyon, visit the category you tried to upload your project and take a look on what the reviewers are approving currently.

You can also visit Pinterest to get some inspiration about webdesign.

Good luck :+1:

Well, I paid for the design I chosed to use on this project, is not a free design. Anyway, the design is more than enough for this kind of systems, it is an offerwall, not some sort of landing page with tons of useless informations on front page. Again, it is customers choice it they like the design or not, if they buy it or not or if they buy it and then change it / customise it. I’m not selling an HTML template to focus on the design, I’m selling a complex offerwall system. Thank you for your feedback!

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