My item was hard rejected without any feedback?

My item was hard rejected and no feedback was given as to why it was rejected. I have emailed them but I didn’t get any response. I will really like to know the things I did wrong so I can make changes next time. If an item is rejected, It would be nice if the reviewer can point out what the issues were. How can developers improve if you don’t give them feedback as to why you rejected their work. We put in hours of work, it’s not fair at all.

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I have not tested your application, but when I arrive on the homepage, I realize that it is a bit similar to the homepage of another script present on codecanyon, the fonts of the page do not fit. If the examiners find that there is too much generic script, they will not accept it, it is necessary to create a difference with a design irreproachable to that present on the marketplace

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Thanks a lot for the feedback, I really appreciate. Please if you get the time to test the application, don’t forget to point out other things I should keep an eye on next time.

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When i click on sign up, application showing error on the page.

Thank you for your feedback.

Please can you post a screenshot of the error message you encountered? I just registered a new account but I didn’t get any error.

Hello, when i check on pc browser app working without any error message, when i check on chrome/brave mobile browser i am getting error message, please find the attachment.