Why is envato not reacting to license fraud

I have informed envato about a musicvideo with a stolen audio logo that I found on the internet. The guy who did the video just took the preview file with the watermark. Envato gave me a copy right ninja badge :joy: but seemingly they did not care about the fraud and did not remove the video from the internet. I have a 100 % loss of sales concerning my portfolio of logos. My question to envato is this: why is envato not reacting when people steal our precious work and time ? This is not only my problem but yours as well. This is one crucial reason why the sales go more and more :arrow_down:

By the way, here is the video again:

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Ironically, this video is about him making that money.
I guess not enough money to buy a cheap license for your intro track.


How do you know he’s not licensed the track?

Buy the license and still use the preview file ? Unlogical. The funny thing is, they gave me the copy right ninja badge but didn’t even take care of the problem. It is still online. Another ripped license, one out of many many. Sad

If it’s not being sold on envato then there is not much they can do - only the copyright holder can submit a DMCA or claim against this type of issue


Thanks for the information charly. It’s sad to read that because it’s obvious that there are thousands and thousands of unpayed
and ripped licenses. Tells me envato really dont give a f…ck about protecting our work. :-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1:

That’s not entirely fair - what would the solution be? Envato don’t control international copyright law…

It’s been discussed a lot but if you have a workable and feasible reason I am certain that envato would want to hear it.

It’s not that they don’t care - piracy etc impacts all marketplaces and not just here. Of course it’s not right but there is unfortunately only so much that can be done.