Why is Envato not enforcing the Item Variations rule ?

Any reason why reviewers are not enforcing the Item Variations rule ?

Why are some authors allowed to create a flyer (usually some quick 10 minutes job with not much thought behind), then resize the same design and upload it in Trifold, Business Card, Facebook cover, Postcard, Billboard and so on ?

Some authors have been doing this little trick to flood the market with these mostly low quality items to compete in quantity instead of quality, and many reviewers are letting them do this, when Envato years ago published an article saying that the market should be about “quality over quantity”.

They do enforce it, but only when they’re aware of it. It’s just not feasable for reviewer to check every item, in every authors portfolio, to make sure that everyone is playing by the rules.

Just like copyright violations and exclusivity… reviewers can’t check every stock site on the web, but if you spot any issues and bring them to Envato’'s attention, I’m sure the appropriate action will be taken.