Authors copying themselves with almost no variations at all

Is it only me or anyone else in this design community can see how authors copy their own works with almost no variations? I´m not saying copy from our own works is right or wrong, I´m not judging. An item approved today for example, which i´m not gonna say name or description, just make a 4K version of many many same previous items of his own portfolio, or just move some flares, change some lightnings position, change a bit of particles or background and that´s it, but in essence is the very same project that was approved before for sale, over and over again, and still get approved. Am I the only one who think this way? I´d really like to know about many other authors opinion if possible please. I really like to collaborate with authors in this great forum but when I see these copy things is when I don´t understand were everything is going. Maybe that´s the right thing to do to have good sales, variations of our own items already approved, because at the end of the road money and sales have final word here.

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The item is approved. So my guess is it must be OK inspite of being almost similar to an existing item that is their own. Most buyers are quite noob and wouldn’t know how to make those subtle changes in the first place.

Nothing is stopping you from doing the same. Your reviewer has the final word on whether the change you introduced is unique enough to warrant the approval.


Thanks for your opinion. Good point! It´s a market, so money talks.

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Making variations of one of your highly successful item is a good way to capitalize on something you know has been proven worthy of good sales. Filesize limitations is also perhaps another factor sometimes you can’t get all those color, velocity, variation squeezed in one package. Adding a link from one to another in item descriptions can lead to extra sales as sometimes a customer will need more variations of what they already bought to expand their project and will be happy to buy a second pack that fits what they already have but includes more variations. In these cases the customer will expect a certain degree of similarity because they expect it to fit the parameters they like in the first variation pack the purchased. Like everything moderation is the key, I think there is a limit of variation packs you can make available without abusing this concept. I think reviewers follow a rule of not approving more than 3 similar items packages max. Having 10 items that are the same but slight variations for example , in my opinion might be over that limit.

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:+1: Thanks for your opinion and time :wink: