You have reached your upload limit for this month.

On my upload page this appears:
You have reached your upload limit for this month.
Upload limits for this category reset at the beginning of every month.

Pleas explain this.

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Please check this Notice about Upload Limit for GraphicRiver: Submission Limits for Graphics

Hope you will get the explanation there.


this is the new regulation for the market , print template limit for under 35% of approval is 10 items

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So you can submit some quality items and get approval, that’s how you will achieve higher approval rate and the limit won’t be applicable for you.

Hope you’ve got your answer about upload limit issue. and if this answer useful for you, please mark this as Solution so that it will be helpful to others too.


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lol if this was this simple, indeed, everybody would do this and there would be none lol

So this is already implemented right? are we all affected by this?

Hi @Redsanity,
Yes, its implemented already but it will be only affected to authors with an approval ratio below 35% (or below 30% for vectors).


@envalab does this mean if you reached you max limit today for example August 10, the next time you can upload an item is on September 1?

Hi @Redsanity,
Yes, exactly.

Based on their notice, The limits are set for a month, so each month they will be reset. Means, if you reached your limit in August 10, you will be able to submit your item again in September 1st.

Also you don’t need to worry about the limit, if your approval ratio more than 35%. Than this limit policy won’t be applicable for you.


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Got it @envalab! Thanks.

I also hope this sovles the waiting time of approval. Cheers!

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lol u are dreaming if u think so , my friend … this would have been easier and way faster to limit people to one per day as regard to how people post several things a day (incompatible with quality) in a lot of cases or , if they feel like they had potentiality to have even more submissions, which is far fetched (but the way a few people think about it), they could have chosen to limit one per week or even one per 10 days! this way instead of having a lot of people posting huge number of quickly done things , they would have been forced into doing something else than the ridiculous minimalistic things or copies of copies of copies … the other options was to hire more reviewers as, as for we know , the fees have not decreased during the covid time when our gains have gone down to 20-25-30% in a lot of cases, so this could have been an option … (but this would not have solved the saturation problem … but not sure that this solution does anyways)

GR is killing themself with this review proces they can’t handle. 4 days no approved flyers.
Authors will not upload their stuff anymore cause the review time is too long and the quality standards are reaches too high. The review process from [word removed] is a lot better, no frustrating reviewers who reject your items and your uploads are for sale within 3 minutes.

On Envato Elements the review time is increasing day by day. When they launch the platform was no review and now the review time is already 7 days and counting for a font.

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man, reviewing is something essential , the problem is to make it coherent all the way (and there is still work to do about it … no doubt), otherwise this is vital to avoid some guys to saturate the market very badly with quickly done stuffs rather than trying to bring quality and originality to the table

hi buddy , i am sorry but i asked a question in the initial thread and have had no answer about it … what about if people choose to post in several sections? for instance print templates and graphics … they are having the amount of both sections or a restriction?

I noticed that they reviewed all flyers from 1 single user at a time.
Every day they accepted a lot of flyers so they decreased the queue now.
I got 8 flyers in the queue so maybe today it’s my turn, my longest flyer in the queue is 20 days.
Hopefully everything goes normal again and the review time is maximum 2-3 days in the future.

True Nico, they need a better reviewing system.
I know what you mean.

You cannot design 1-2 flyers a day without good quality but they approved it.
Most of the authors used stockphoto’s and upload 5 flyers a day and all approved.
I designed 80% from my stuff in Blender 3D but gets a lot of rejections. So it’s little unfair.
Hope GR will be better in the future

hi buddy yes this looks like a author by author process indeed , i have noticed this for myself but also from my author feed :slight_smile: u could analyze it right :slight_smile:
otherwise, i do not feel like that the app that u are using is much of an issue but more what u bring to the table and the level of work that u have in the final product (invested time and effort as this is guarantying more commercial potential), some clearly were too short about it and, as i used to mentioned , i cannot believe that someone submitting a battery of items every day can actually get a good job done and really focus on quality but instead tries to saturate the market out of overflowing it with numbers, what we have actually extensively seen much for a good while. I think that one of the dangers that may erupt from the reviewing system is that this is pushing all guys to create the same kind of items … one big character, a bit big font and something in the back, there is material to have a huge variety of items being related to the amazing variety of authors that there are here and that this variety must be taken advantage of so that potential buyers find all kinds of things to choose from