Submission Limits for Graphics

During this unprecedented time we’ve seen a surge in submitted content (and review times), particularly within the graphics category.

On July 1, we announced targeted upload restrictions for GraphicRiver authors. Unfortunately, the review times still remain high.

To reduce these wait times, and create a fairer situation for graphics authors, we’ve decided to implement submission limits across all graphics root categories for authors with an approval ratio below 35% (or below 30% for vectors). These percentages may change over time as we try and find the best solution.

This will only affect authors on the low end of the approval ratio, similar to the recent upload restrictions. If you have an average, or higher approval ratio then these submission limits will not apply.

How does this work?

Starting from tomorrow, August 7, each month affected authors will be able to submit items up to the amounts listed in the table below.

Root Category Submission Limit
Fonts 5
Add-Ons 5
Presentation Templates 5
Icons 5
Print Templates 10
Isolated Objects 5
Web Elements 5
Graphics 20
Vectors* 50
Logo Templates 10
EPublishing, Infographics, Game Assets, T-Shirts, Textures 5

*Vectors authors will also note that the original limit has now been reduced from 100 items down to 50.

If you’re an affected author you will see a message like the one below when you’re uploading. The limits above are set for the month, so each month they will reset, and if your approval ratio increases then the limits will be removed from your account.

The limits above may change as we find the right balance for Envato and the community, and we will update you with any substantial changes. Please note that these limits only apply to Market authors.

How can I improve my approval ratio?

Your approval ratio is based on how many items you submit versus how many of those submitted get approved. So the aim is have the majority of items you submit be approved.

With this in mind, the best way to improve your approval ratio is to think carefully about what you’re uploading, and only submit your best items. For more information read up on our quality guidelines as well as the GraphicRiver submission requirements.

This is another difficult decision for us, but we believe the results will benefit the whole community. We will continue to monitor the situation, but rest assured that the review teams are working as hard as they can right now to get the review wait times back to normal.


hi, what does it mean pls, i am not sure that i could get it, that means the mentioned submission limit apply only to people under the 35% ratio ?


i am sorry but i do not get it, why this choice, when it could be easier and more equalitarian to limit all people to one submission per day, this would really mean that people better focus on quality rather quantity, i am sorry but several submissions per day basically means that people spend little time on items and thus make rather low effort on each item …


Well the idea is that only authors that regularly put out high quality items have no limit, whereas those who don’t have high quality items due to lack of knowledge or effort are limited.


this is mathematical, unless u are a complete genius and “defy laws of gravity”, if u spend a day to work on your item, about concept, media searching, and actual creation , this is normally going to be better than a thing made in 2 hours … even if u are considering people singlehandedly only … if the same guy with the same skills and so on know that this is not worth the drive creating 4,5,6,7 things in a day , then they will take more time and focus on quality … rather than submerging the market with stuffs with quickly done things

Well without knowing how many authors fit into the 35% approval ratio category, allowing one submission a day could result in considerably more submissions than would be received using the chart above. Apart from vectors. While I agree that quality is always better than quantity, you kind of go against that ethos by wanting to allow 30 fonts/icons/isolated objects etc a month, rather than 5.

And while item approval doesn’t automatically indicate the pinnacle of quality, somebody who is getting 100% of their items approved doesn’t have to focus as much on improving the quality of their items than somebody who is getting less then 35% of their items approved.

u may have a point , but what u are talking about is mainly the cases of all the newbies and serial submitters who do not really have the skills to post here in fact , we have seen a lot of them im the forums and we tried to help a lot fo them with rejected items … so maybe there would be better solutions for this issue , like limiting them only (a bit as envato did in the first place) or stopping accepting newcomers without selecting them with their portfolio otherwise, for instance, not to mention that what u are saying is not treating the issues of some guys heavily saturating the markets with accepted things (not always impressive to say the least) …

Yeah… and that’s what this new change addresses. It reduces their ability to keep uploading unlimited items.

the previous version did even more if so …

hi , sorry for the maybe a bit naive question but what about people posting in different categories, pls? categories are added to determine the number of submissions?

The first upload restriction didn’t work, the approval times increased (e.g. print templates from 12 to 20 days since the first announcement), why don’t you try combining > Portfolio review for new authors + Upload Restrictions + at least 1 more reviewer ?

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What do you mean by portfolio review for new authors bro?

Great news for me) Thank you)

I’m very astonished and disappointed! my 10+ graphics items has rejected.

21 days now on print templates… Increasing everyday. Should we upload Valentines Theme designs now? Lol just kiddin… :grin:

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he means choosing the people who are allowed to open a portfolio and sell in envato … instead of letting all people come and post directly , without making sure that people are even pro designers …

no actually at the time it was 16 now this is 21. Limiting uploads is the real deal and if they felt like one per day was not solving the solution, they may have opted for 1 per week, this way , problem fixed …

24 days and still…

this is 22 for me already … i get to understand that i still have to wait a bit more … lol

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