Submission Limits for Graphics

it looks like that your item did not make it yet, buddy, so i guess this is not reviewed yet, right?

Right, we just have to wait few more weeks or months so be patient bro. lol

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lol maybe we should post christmas items in a few days lol

They litterally stopped approving print items, hey what’s going on? The newest in their front page under print items is 4 days ago. Any explanation??

LOL they have stopped approving or they are rejecting it all? lol
it seems to me that there was no need to make such a “brainstorming” like this and that the thing could have been handled rather easily and fairly for all … if there was so much need to decrease the queuing and really no way to hire more reviewers , then they should have limited submissions to one per week for all (no matter what is the category), starting from the date they mentioned, for sure the thing would be solved by now …and this way, no need to reject that very much as what has been done lately

Lol nico @n2n44, I see you everywhere here. You have taken over the whole forum. Maybe they should give you an exclusive category. The “Ask @n2n44 helpline”

i try to make the community come true in the first place … i try my best to help other people deal with their rejections for instance providing people with a bit of my experience so to speak …

That’s good intention bro. Keep it up

4 items queued reviewed in 5 minutes … including one i posted one hour ago (rejected directly) … impossible to understand anything … 2 accepted … one rejected , one held for further review for 5 minutes and then rejected (the one posted almost 25 days ago) … hard to identify anything with what’s going on here …

GR means Graphics Rejected

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Right… riiight, so you don’t just hire more reviewers… you straight up do this… yet another dumb decision by this company.