how can i back my upload right.they revoked my upload right

Have you tried clicking “Help Team”?

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You had many rejection and your acceptance score is below 10%. You need to wait 6 months in order to upload again

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Submission Limits for Graphics

To reduce the wait times, and create a fairer situation for graphics authors, envato team decided to implement submission limits across all graphics root categories for authors with an approval ratio below 35% (or below 30% for vectors). These percentages may change over time as envato try and find the best solution.

More info here:

have any chance to get back my upload rights before six months

hi i am afraid that the only way u can do is wait for u to recover your rights, work hard and make sure that u have a way better ration of approval so that this is not happening again … u can try to contact people in help center or whatever but i doubt that this is going to change anything as this is the company policy that @mgscoder introduced u with via his link to the concerned thread

I think approval ratio will calculate each month for the last 6 month and if your approval ration will meet the requirements then you will get back your upload rights. So, wait for the next month calculation.

While you wait, spend that extra time working on a really good item.