I have a doubt graphicriver limit 10 print template (flyers)

Hi to all:

I already upload 3 items “print template” but do I can upload 7 items (need 10 items for month) graphicriver will to be approved limit 10 items? one my item flyer was approved but I am waiting 2 items more, please help me thank you so much, regards.

If you go to your account Dashboard then from right side check Upload an item and select your concern category there will show how many items you will be able to upload under the sleceted category.

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Thank you so much.

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Other question…

If I will to be limit 10 items flyers than do I can will to upload other category for example graphics 20 items?

yes, sure you can.

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thank you. :slight_smile:

hey buddy , i have a question, i asked in the official thread but no one answered … what about the limits if u upload in several categories, they add to each other? let’s take the example , just random ok, for example 10 flyers and 4 add ons ?

I think there is no total upload limits. Author will be able to upload items based on category wise limit.

For example:
Print Templates - 10 items per month
Add-ons - 5 items per month


oh ok, thanks for the information , i am not concerned this far for these sort of things but i was really wandering how the thing was supposed to operate indeed …

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