Do I can Upload 10 flyers graphicriver?



Hi to all:

I have a dude,
I already upload 4 flyer but I want more upload my flyer, Do I can upload 10 flyer or not? Is rejected? :open_mouth:

Please help me :slight_smile:



Please help me, If need make more flyer.


You often use the word “dude” in your posts, but what do you mean by that?
Also your question makes little sense. And it’s not just a question of translation. You want to know if there is a limit on the number of flyers you can upload? Browsing through GraphicRiver portfolios could answer that for you.

You can indeed upload as many as you want. I would refrain from uploading them all at once however. So that all items may receive front page exposure.


Many thanks but my bad english (sorry) :slight_smile:


hi buddy i personally do not recommend that u do … basically u can upload as much as u want but u have to determine what is the goal for u … is that to upload 10 things and to get 9 or 10 rejected ? or is that to upload one or 2 and to get one or two approved and being on sale? uploading often is unfortunately a key nowadays , especially with so many authors, items and in such a mass system, however quality is still very important at least for yourself , first of all to make sure that u can have your item approved but also when u do so that u are not felt by buyers as being one of these guys who could make it without they manage to identify how … think about it also , if u want to display your portfolio no matter what is the purpose this is better to have lots of good things to show rather than a few mixed a lot which are not that good …