Why I Joined AdRev, And Why You Should Too.

Well, you will remove the video from youtube, but audio track you can easily use at different way’s

In generally, this is a very good question and the topic that we are all must to solve

Hello Grivanov,

Tracks are lifted all the time from YouTube many different ways, but here is the REALLY good thing: With AdRev I can now find out which channels are doing it because they list videos in their reports, and if I want, I now have a legal foothold to take action on any of those who are infringing on a copyright :smile:

While I really don’t plan on having to take legal action, the fact that we can have immediate access to the user accounts who are stealing music should strike fear into the heart of every content thief on YouTube.

They can no longer hide in the shadows so to speak. We have their accounts, and finally have a tool to fight against those who choose to illegally use our music.

It’s not the solution to every theft problem, but it feels good to me to finally have SOMETHING to work with.


Unfortunately, some people just don’t seem to have that mindset.

I have countless videos in my AdRev reports every month where users have happily lifted my watermarked music from stock sites and from other videos where those users have used my watermarked music. This is the reality of the situation and until the technology moves on and unique license codes can be embedded into our music, platforms such as AdRev serve as a convenient way to track and monetize these illegitimate uses.

Also, I should mention here that having our music digitally fingerprinted actually acts as a deterrent for others to illegitimately upload it to other stock sites - simply because our AdRev registered music has our names assigned to it (different to the illegitimate uploader’s name) and would soon be removed from those sites for infringement.


I Use AdRev for several months now . I found a few videos that used my music in YT with AJ watermark !
Now, I’m in a process with Adrev … Let’s see what they’ll do .! :smile:

I have heard bad stories about pissed off clients who will never buy again from you because they got a claim… even heard one where a client called out a author for a scammer in public because they got a claim and did not understand what it meant…

This has held me back from submitting tracks (that, plus having to submit a 280 songs portfolio is a lot of work i guess).
But after reading this? yikes… im signing up right now as im very keen on keeping my bloodpressure steady. :wink:

Hi Robert - I got a 1 star rating from a buyer who claimed that I infringed on the royalty free policy. I have always promoted my AdRev status and it took about 12 months to get my five star rating back. If people do not understand the Content ID clearance and prefer not to buy from me then that is okay with me.


BUT ! They can rip it from YouTube database and use it anywere ! Vimeo and so on… And I want to repeat myself… now they can easly find your track if we will use our names and track names in AdRev.

AdRev is the interesting way BUT this is not copyright company … It’s just big business unfortunately. If we will have something similar AdRev but without this issue… I’m ready to pay for this !

what do you mean our music is made available with AudioSwap? Can you explain?

They could rip it and use it anywhere if they wanted to anyway. AdRev just gives us an extra layer of protection on our property, as it were.

AdRev is just one company out of many that offer this service, that are partnered with YouTube. YouTube/Google use these companies to support their entire business model and I can’t see this changing or being replaced for a premium, paid-for service anytime soon.

When we upload our music to AdRev, it’s made available in YouTube’s AudioSwap tab, via the Video Editor. Users can search for music similar in length to their video, to literally swap out their existing audio on their video. This is maybe because they were previously using musical or audio content that’s not authorised to be used, so YouTube give them the option to change/add audio to their video.

This is outlined in AdRev’s terms of service (Section 4b) available via their site and when we sign up to AdRev, here.

how infuriating… thanks for sharing your experience! I, too, would be joining sooner than I thought…

so people can basically use our music without buying it officially?

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Technically they can track the music down on this, but remember these users were never in the market of buying a License in the first place, as they had originally been found by YouTube using unauthorised (stolen) music from the outset. And we still get remunerated for music used from AudioSwap.

It’s rough out there… I ran into an Content ID “scam” account from India that actually seems to manually tag every youtube video that’s not yet been claimed that they run into with a bogus claim. I guess they can make good money because there are probably lot of youtubers who just don’t have time and energy to unclaim hundreds of videos.

cool.So i guess AudioJungle is cool with it? Also they probably wouldn’t be searching for our music…

Wow, that’s a surprise for me… I didn’t know that our AdRev catalogue will be available publicly on YT. That makes a serious issue regarding AudioJungle services that doesn’t allow us to distribute our AJ music outside AJ without watermarks. I have some tracks I uploaded on AdRev without watermark, and now, anybody can use it… I’m not ok with that. And even if i’m ok with that, it’s obviously agains Envato rules.
I’ve send an inquiry to AdRev about that, to see if I could replace my unwatermarked tracks by watermarked ones.

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AudioJungle are aware of this, as I explained this to them when the ContentID policy was being drawn up last year.

I’ve just reached out to AdRev myself about this to see if authors can opt out of having their music put into AudioSwap. Obviously this doesn’t affect non-exclusives but could well indeed contravene Envato’s own rules with Exclusives.

That said, making our music available this way isn’t related to licensing (ie. exclusives can’t license their music elsewhere) and Envato allow Exclusives and non-exclusives alike to sell our music via iTunes, Bandcamp etc - so it could well fall under those terms.

I’ll report back when I hear something from AdRev on this.