Why I cannot find my music on Envato Elements?

Hi Everybody! I have some of my music on AudioJungle but I cannot find it on Envato Elements. I heard the same watermark from Audiojungle on Envato Elements tracks sometimes so I thought that the music on Audiojungle will automatically be uploaded on Envato Elements but nop.
I have an author account in Envato Elements though but there is no upload process for music or audio just for Video, Web&Codes, Fotos, and Graphics. I am a little confused. Thanks a lot!

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Elements is just for “The Chosen Lords” users. I mean you get qualified and added by envato team only if they are in the mood.
I’m not into elements either


So you would’ve been fine with suddenly discovering your music was added to Elements without your knowledge?


well said)))

So they add the music they want without telling the authors?

No, the author is always informed previously.

I see. Thanks everybody for your answers!