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Just received an email, that Audiojungle items are now available on Envato Elements. Does anybody want to share his experience with it as an Author and where can i see the policies if i would wan’t to subscribe?

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Experience can be shared in January 2019 - then they will get report for November 2018 but the full experience will be in February 2019 (because the first audio authors has start from 13. November - not a full month).

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I did not find a Envato Author Support Page where all the policies to apply for Envato Elements are listed. Anyone?

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I just went and checked it out. I’m not an author here, but here’s my impression so far from the perspective of an Envato buyer who is also a production music musician. I offer tracks independently for a different type of market, so you guys aren’t my competition.

I noticed several former top selling authors and some current, but not their most popular money making songs. I had heard a number of top sellers mentioning in the forum that they had not been invited, so it doesn’t appear that’s how they selected who would be invited. As for the quality, it’s not the best material. But, nothing I listened to was bad. It’s good quality.

That being said, I suspect that a lot of Elements users will find these tracks good enough to not use AJ as much, if at all. Time will tell, but there are at least 6011 songs there at the moment and I’m pretty sure most Elements members will find something they can use there without needing to search AJ.

If you are looking for the licensing policies a buyer will see, those are here:

Otherwise, I think authors are by invitation only.

Here you can apply to be an author -

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I think I was waiting for 8 months - have submit the request on start of the year and I get the approval when I was on holiday.

It’s funny. I don’t really care for the Elements model but to be excluded from it, without option to join…seems unfair and elitist. Like some kind of private members club…

Anyway, good luck to those chosen few. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

I’ve had no sales since Elements was introduced…but that might be coincidence.

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We will have to wait and see. Videohive guys reported there was a 20% drop in sales… Hope it’s not worse then that.

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