Content on not available on Envato?

I created a list of tracks that I want to use. Then I decided to sign up for the Envato Market monthly account, assuming that I could download the songs, but my collections are gone and I can’t find the tracks anymore?

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Hi, I’m afraid that you have purchased a subscription to Elements. It is a separate platform to Audio Jungle but they are both run by the same company. Elements only has a small fraction of the Audio Jungle content available to its subscribers. Inconveniently, they don’t make that fact obvious when advertising Elements all over the Audio Jungle website, so you could be forgiven for making that mistake.

I suggest contacting their support team and telling them your situation. Here’s the link:
In the meantime, you should still be able to purchase the tracks that you found on Audio Jungle individually. You should be able to see your collections if you login here: and go to ‘Profile’ then ‘View all Collections’.

Hope that helps. Sorry it’s not better news.

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