How do I search for an artist/author on envato elements?

Hey there,

So iโ€™m curious, are all of the Audio Tracks that are on the Envato Marketplace, also available on envato elements? In other words, I found a track i really like on the marketplace, but I am unable to locate it in elements?

Also, is there just a way to do a search for a particular Author/Artist in elements? Thank You!:pray::+1:

No, not all the tracks in Audiojungle are in Elements.


Hello @vitallivity

Sure, just write the username of the author in the search bar and if the author is on Elements, youโ€™ll see a text that looks something like this:

" We found an author by the name of username "


How do you find the author by the name? Because I donโ€™t see the author

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Thank You!:pray::+1: