How i can find which is the audio of the demo

i see this demo and I would like to see which song is this from the library.,
is there a way to find it?
i download it and also its not there… and nowhere mentioned.

many thanks

Here you go. :slight_smile:

It seems like @nixmotion_v2 must have forgotten to include the track in the description. Hopefully he can fix it for future visitors. :wink:

Hundreds of thanks @baileyherbert for your time and quick response!
I have the subscription a few months but i never used it (the unlimited).
I don’t understand, it does not include everything? I see now I have to pay for this song? Or I’m doing something wrong?
many thanks once again!

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No problem @akatsouros!

The subscription doesn’t include everything, but actually, thanks for the question! I had a closer look and this track is available on Elements with your subscription. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Probably should have looked for that the first time – apologies!

Hundreds again for this!

but how you found it? I searched already in elements for “pride” and couldn’t find it.

Generally, how you initially found it ? Is there a way I can use?

I’m lost :slight_smile:

Many thanks once again!!! and take care!

It’s admittedly very hard to search and navigate on Elements. Here’s what I did in this particular case.

First, to find the song (Pride) on AudioJungle:

  • I found the author of the toolkit video, nixmotion_v2. You can find this by scrolling down on the page and looking for that “More from (author)” headline.
  • I searched on Google: “videohive nixmotion_v2 lgbtq pride toolkit”
  • The first result was the original item on VideoHive.
  • The item’s description on VideoHive contains a link to the music on AudioJungle (“Music track you can find here”)

Then, to find the song on Envato Elements:

  • I found the author of the song (OddVision) from AudioJungle.
  • I plugged the author’s username into this URL to check if they are on Elements:
  • I found the “Pride” song on there.
  • You could also just search on Google something like “envato elements oddvision pride” but the search results here can be confusing.

Yeah, it’s quite messy. I’m working on making a small website where you can just paste in a URL like “” and it will do all this nonsense for you. But until that’s done, we’ve gotta do it by hand! :sweat_smile:

Hundreds of thanks for your help and time !!! it’s indeed a bit chaotic; so hard to find something here.

I’m not a producer /gfx etc just bought the 1 year because i needed one only presentation and I said never mind… so i dont use it a lot (at all :))

many thanks once again!

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