Can't find audiojungle song on Elements

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I recently bought an Elements subscription since Audiojungle is also included. I downloaded a preview file from Audiojungle and used it in my clients edit, now we have an editlock, I would like to purchase the file but i cannot find this file on Elements… Is there a way you can buy tracks on Audiojungle with your Elements subscription or is there somebody who can help me find this specific track on Elements? ‘‘22931990_energetic-vintage-funk-beat-groove_by_music_cocktail_preview.mp3’’

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Not all AudioJungle ( or other marketplaces) items are on elements.

These are all the music on there

The song you want is only in Audiojungle.

Thanks for your quick replies! Too bad the song isn’t included in Elements.

I feel tricked by Envato’s advertising on Audiojungle, it made me think the complete Audiojungle library was available inside of Elements… I bought the subscription specifically because of this. See attatched picture of the advertisement inside of audiojungle. They let people believe you can find the exact same songs on Elements if you buy there subscription. Capture2 Am i so naive or do you guys feel the same about this?

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If you’re naive, you certainly are not the only one. Many buyers have said they felt tricked in. And us authors are infuriated by Envato stealing sales away from us. Yet the banner is still there.


Hey @Chorizo! Welcome to the forums. I’m truly sorry to hear that.

You’re not naive at all. It is indeed an extremely deceiving and unfair marketing campaing they are carrying out and most of us authors have been complaining about this upper banner strategy for almost a year now, yet remain unheard, obviously. As @PurpleFog mentioned, you’re far from being the only one going through this. Just take a quick look at the Element’s customers forum and you’ll find hundreds of cases like yours of people requesting refunds because they just feel (with every right) tricked.

Best of luck!
And nice nick BTW! :slight_smile:


@WormwoodMusic @PurpleFog

Thanks for your replies. If i’m already feeling this way as a user of their services, i can only imagine what’s it like for you as authors. I always thought Audiojungle was already super cheap and with this subscription it would’ve become even cheaper, i guess it was just too good to be true. Nevertheless Elements should take that banner down, it’s unfair to market their products in this way.

I wish you best of luck and a lot of sells!


Anyway you have access to lots of different items, so your subscription isn’t waste of money anyway.

@DREAMYARD_Visuals Exactly! Elements has some great things to offer.

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Hi, I also have the same problem, I’d like this soundrack, please can someone guide us on how to locate the soundrack


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Here is the item:

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Heya @matticampanella23,

Using this method you can locate the soundtrack:

Cheers! :slight_smile:


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