Can anyone help me to find this song?

I want to use this song for a project Event Promo by motiongray on Envato Elements, but I am not able to find it? I’ve contacted the author, but he does not get back to me. Can anyone else help me?

Hi Samitis, here’s a tutorial video that will help you find these tracks for your future projects:

Here’s the track that you’re looking for:

@BenLeong @KingDog @baileyherbert It’s been years now, so I don’t think the Elements design team are going to fix this pretty straightforward issue and give the Video Hive Elementers a place to put a clickable link to music tracks used in their previews and then actually enforce the policy.
I would ask you guys though, would it be possible to pin the above video to the forum so that customers can find what they need using this workaround?
Here’s the video link in text:
Thank you in advance!

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