Why hasn't Envato paid me for 5 months?

Hello. A few months ago I purchased an account on the Envato platform with all its assets. I passed the identity verification on the Envato website. However, according to Envato support, their financial partner (trolley), made a business decision to block my financial account.
For several months now, my portfolio has been generating income for the service, but they are unable to pay me the funds. Because sanctions restrictions have been imposed on the account. Although I am a German citizen and am in Germany and chose a German bank as my payment method, which I understand cannot be under sanctions.
I have contacted a financial partner. To which I was told that they do not have this competence and I need to contact my personal manager so that he can solve my problem. But I don’t know who my personal manager is and how to contact him.
Please help me to understand my problem. I need to make a request for identity verification and make sure I am not violating anything. I am willing to provide any documentation.
Please help. This is a cry of the soul.:disappointed_relieved:

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According to the Envato rules the account can not be sold. Check the article Membership, number 10

Before this account became my property, the former owner of the account contacted support and they made an exception for him, allowing the transfer of the account. That’s why this happened. Otherwise it wouldn’t be possible.