Why has the Review time fallen ?


It’s great that the review time has now dropped to a " mere " 3.5 weeks and may also continue to drop .However, is this really due to Envato training up a significant amount of reviewers or would the queue have naturally dropped in length as many authors take a break or submit less new tracks during this time of the year, due to sales being lower.

I foresee the length dropping even quicker in the next few weeks.

It will be interesting to see what happens mid august once there is a rush of submissions for the lucrative month of September.


So many people submitting too many files. Some of them fail the review and I’m talking about a big number. Someone said to let people become authors after a portfolio review or a test, but nobody cares. It would be nice and save time.


it’s not really the point of what I’m making @AndrewArts .
The subject is not WHY IS THE QUEUE SO LONG ?



Hi, @Totalthrive!
I can’t tell you precise information, just my subjective observations. For some months I’ve been watching over amount of items uploaded per week/month and it never kept decreasing. So it was 7k per month in spring (if I recall) and it’s 10k now. If we talk last, uhm, let’s say, 10 days (around the time the review time decreasing started) the number of items uploaded didn’t reduce either or, even if it did, it did unsignificantly (it was always around 2k per week and I am sure I would have noticed a serious change). So, I think the cause of the decrease of review time is increased productivity by envato.


I hope so @ChesterSound
I still believe that it’s also connected with less items being submitted . You cannot see how many items are submitted . All you can see is how many are approved .


Oh, very good point @Totalthrive ! I didn’t even put that in mind.


Oh, sorry :sweat_smile: I tought it… Ok nvm. Even if it dropped that much, there are authors which still wait for a response for 2 months, so I wait to see the numbers increasing again. I can bet on that.


Envato wrote in another topic that the queue is indeed getting shorter because of many more reviewers.
That said, they also wrote we should expect a rise in review times for August since some of their employees will have some holidays and then it should steadily decrease by September or so :slight_smile:


Ya ))) Many new author subm tracks )))