TF queue length urgently needs to be reduced

It’s simply not possible to have an item waiting for 2 month to be reviewed knowing that it used to take 2 weeks

it takes at least 2/3 month to create a serious theme if on top of that it takes 2 month to have itbreviewed and another 1 month soft rejected then that’s almost 6 month, in 6 month time trends change in terms of design, coding standards and requirements and at the end of the day it’s commercially not viable especially when you need to pay salaries

So Envato recruit more reviewers or provide better guidance for the TF requirements or even create a premium option for authors to get their items reviewed faster this will help you recruit more people but do something about your review process

it’s simply counter-productive

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writting in the new forum is just like talking to a wall…

no comment…

There are already threads about this.

Anyway what else could I say…


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As Rayoflightt says, there just isn’t much to say.

I think most people agree with you. Sales start to dwindle after a month and fizzle out after 2. Any theme you create that is a serious contender takes at least 1 month+ to create. Then with the unclear and changing reviews you can be stuck in soft for 1 - 4 weeks.

Envato are convinced that more reviewers is the answer, I’m not convinced, I think it makes things worse. I know that a lot are or thinking about moving on, finding another way to make money or sell elsewhere.

I hope that things will be sorted if they do, I’ll submit a theme, until then it’s not commercially viable.

This is the most important issue that Envato need to address.

they said review queues will be back to normal in june, june is about to end, so what is the status Envato?

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The fact is after June, it’s July. :sweat_smile:

I heard that you’ve been waiting for 80+ days, can you tell me what is your item id?


These are 3 themes. None of them have received the first review yet so I’m not assigned an item ID yet.


Just viewed your message in other thread.
Thank you for the tip.