Why the review time so long ?


I think I started this topic more than I could count now... Again with the same question that no staff member bothered answering. How come you guys don't get more reviewers as the site grows to reduce review time ? How can 4, 5 guys and gals can keep up with all this demand ?


hi mate,
let’s say review time is 2 hours, your item will be in 5th page before you open the email.


So don’t you think that is a site design issue though ?


Unfortunately the demand and user submissions have grown over the years and additional resources such as reviewers and quality managers have also been made available too.

However, the reviewers and quality assurance managers could flock in the items in hundreds per day (over the course of all the marketplaces), but this wouldn’t be the business model the company is working towards in my opinion as your item could be on the page for about an hour at most in some cases.

At the moment the system works well as these are premium quality marketplaces and everyone has roughly around about the same exposure on the front page, but the best thing to do would be to continue working on new items as then the time will surely go by much faster! :smiley:


there is a balance to find that is what he tried to explain … now sometimes the pace is a bit slow all the same as a good deal of authors depend on new items and sales generated by them and from the exposure that they breed


u made some points but as for equal share well this is an illusion as reviewers would have not to ever stop fro; reviewing for this. indeed this is not what is happening with new entries being frozen in the weekends , then, exposure is not equal anymore obviously, as those in the front page stay way longer … but that s the way it is, this is all about luck to get the lucky strike or not. reviewers have the right to breathe …


I believe some reviewers do work weekends too :slight_smile:


I still don’t get why envato would not hire more reviewers, Making their job less stressful and ours more manageable while you as an author can actually plan a release of an item. I don’t think i’s a budget issue…


well some do , but it seems not all and that depending on weekends there are some or not as for i could see , in other words that is a russian roulette and this is also why people cannot garanty exactly the same exposure to all all the time


well if u ask me , i am kind of half hearted on this issue as regard to several things … first of all not sure that if some are hired that the fees will not go up again and they are already very high and way enough if u ask me … after that, what is the purpose of having the reviewing really accelerated after all, the thing is that they already have a bit trouble to bring decent sales to all creations so try to imagine if all marketplaces were going faster all year long … the number of items would skyrocket , unproportionnally to the purchasing potential and this would further “promote” the "volume thing’ over the quantity thing. on the other hand, u are right also , we , at least a lot of us depend greatly on exposure that we get from new submisisons and sales are boosted by them, no doubt. i personally would rather have the rejection of just ok files rather than having the flooding pushed further with an increased pace of all reviewings, as , without criticizing the work of reviewers at all, since i know that is pretty hard, there are still some flat or rather poor things accepted here and that these items enlarge the number of items and take some space over better items.

u are also wrong in my view , for them this is a budget, try to imagine they already have the biggest fees of all marketplaces and there is probably a reason for this like some stockholder whining to get their yearly huge growth and pressurizing them for always having better results (so that they get sick out of eating that much money), what is difficult to obtain in the end , growing over a certain extent is just not possible any more …

by the way we can only speculate about it but if u ask me , according to me , rather being a market potential thing the decision move to america was certainly due to a desire to “play with taxes” and get ore money in their side


good question