Why hard rejected this item(instagram template)? help PLZ!!

Car Sales Social Media Templates


  • Fully layered PSD.
  • High Quality 300 DPI.
  • Size : 1200 x 1200 px.
  • Completely editable, print ready.
  • Text/Font or Color can be altered as needed.
  • All Image are in vector format, so can customize easily.
  • Car Photos are not included in the file.


Free Font Used :
GoBold - Poppins - Baloo Bhaina 2

https:// www.dafont .com/gobold.font
https:// fonts.google .com/specimen/Poppins
https:// fonts.google. com/specimen/Baloo+Bhaina+2


full shape and smart object

Why Hard Reject ? please help me

hi well this is globally clean but there ara good deal thing of small things that u could have done better and which when put together maybe gave the feeling to the reviewer that thing was ok enough so to speak …
first of all u have a hierarchy problem the big title being popping out less than the subtile … this is because of the choice of the color in the first place and this is reinforced a feeling due to the lack of contrast with the background of the main part of the central title … which is , in the end , hardly visible rather than being the first thing that people can notice … let me remind u off the fact that contrast is not a small issue this is a basic design principle and basically violating it , in itself , may bring much trouble to the table
the bullet with the price is not only misplaced about giving it an impact - have u heard about z-shape reading process and focus point? - but this is also crammed because of the way loaded it with texts which is not properly organized inside …
phone number: as for it , as a designer from a small design agency, what i can tell u is that anytime u come up with a disposition like this which is creative , well customers eradicate it , they make u change it … plus the fact of the matter is that it would have been more legitimate for u to flag the text in the right rather than the left …
bringing a bit more breathing between the bottom margin and the footer elements would have been welcome not only for the general balance but also for the aesthetic of your whole item
β€œnew 2020” is not only misplaced, close to being unreadable , lacking contrast and not bringing anything to the table when it comes to aesthetics, graphic design and content
but the cool thing is that u have a nice base to work with :slight_smile:

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