why hard rejected my trifold brochure ?


why hard rejected my tri-fold brochure ? please cheek my attached and anyone help me.

hi in a general way the first thing that i see is that this is a creation in a very common style indeed. There are hundreds of this type of bifolds or trifolds … and in addition u have a very little graphic work on this one, which is not helping to differ from others and make people think your item is outstanding

the typo part is really flat , sorry to say just this … u should introduce some combinations and some creativity in terms of choice of fonts … once again your item is just like tons of approved and rejected ones that we can see everywhere …

your icons are really flat too … try to bring some creativity and effort in this part too, all details matter when it coems to make your job loook good

teh block of texts, i am not sure this is due to the way u adapted your work to the mockup or not, but seems to be very close from edges, too close, so taht tis is not “breathing” and same goes with titlesand the header “contact us” and not “contract us” lol

the hierarchy of information can be improved by pushing the envelope typo wise …