why My Trifold flyer got rejected in review

I. Uploaded My first Design. Trifold Corporate Flyer design . i want to know why. it’s rejected please help me .and reply.

26 1st%20flyer-03 Opened_Top

Please show your item if you need feedback

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If you have uploaded your item somewhere, you can link to it. …
If not, you can post a preview here …

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No Sir I uploaded here only. i did’t upload anywhere apart from here.

I have Uploaded item .

This all My 4 item rejected. i want to know please help me

hi for me , the second one with the big “headline” is too plain, not attractive at all, texts are not well placed and the spacing is underlining many mistakes, u have much to do with this one …

the first one is really good looking, though u have once again a few issues with the disposition of the text, alignment , u should for instance make texts follow the shapes that u write inside … introducing a slight originality typo wise would probably be welcome too

the third one (green one)
texts are not proportional with the item and space available, they are too small and seem to be lost in the page and hard to read because fo this …
“brochure design” is way too thinned u have an issue with lines, is this a problem of u having trouble to use the mockup, a technical execution mistake or whatever , hard to tell but one thing is for sure, it hurts your preview …
contrast for text is not good enough yet, this impact readability and hierarchy of information

4th item
the global style is cool but this is also very common, about style, colors and disposition there is a “deja vu” feeling resulting from it. one again u have a problem with page transitions and lines seem to be cut , one again some texts are not outstanding enough as thy are lacking contrast with the BG …
icons are too flat and the typo is lacking originality and combinations

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Thank You So Much sir…:blush::blush::blush:

Unfortunately what I want to say is that your item is beautiful, maybe the second work is some wrong, thanks

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Thank You So Much sir For Your feedback

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Please if that solution click on the sign box, I wish you a happy day

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pls call me Nico, u are not addressing my father lol

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